$30 per student, per hour, plus materials

Unfortunately, we are not currently offering private lessons.
Private lessons are a great deal! A smart choice for anyone who wants to learn how to use a machine, for younger students, or for anyone who has a very specific project in mind. Here's how a private lesson works: students who take private lessons get one-on-one time with an instructor in our classroom and can work on projects that are suited to their particular wants and needs. We recommend scheduling a minimum of 2 hours per lesson. Plan to arrive a bit early so your lesson can start on time. When you are signing up for a lesson, our staff will work with you to choose a project that best suits your needs. If you already have a project in mind, please let us know and we will study-up so that we are best able to help you. Alewives does not provide materials for private lessons: each student is responsible for bringing their own machine, materials and tools. Our instructors can provide you with a list of materials when you sign up and make payment for your lesson. If you don't have a machine, please mention this when you sign up and we will make arrangements for you to borrow one of our machines. If you are unable to attend your private lesson, kindly give us as much notice as possible. At our discretion, we will issue a refund or store credit. Please call us at 207 563 5002 or send an e-mail to alewives@alewivesfabrics.com for more information.