When you sign up for a class at Alewives, you are in for a fun time. You will meet new people, learn new skills and laugh a lot. With these ideas in mind, there are a few key points we ask everyone to be mindful of:

What we are expecting from you:

• Before signing up for a class, please check your schedule to be sure that you can attend. Upon signing up for a class, please mark the date and time on your calendar.

Your class payment secures your space in class. In other words, we cannot "reserve" your space in class until we receive payment in full. Upon receiving your payment, you will be issued a materials list for your class.

• Please arrive a bit early. Classes begin at the scheduled time, so please set aside a few minutes to arrive and set up your sewing space. An employee will be at the store to open the doors 30 minutes before class starts.

Everyone must bring their own sewing machine in good working condition. You need to be familiar with this machine, be able to wind bobbins, thread the upper machine, etc. If you are unfamiliar with your machine and would like help learning how to use it, please contact us well in advance of your class to schedule a private lesson. If you do not have your own machine, please contact us and we will help you make arrangements to borrow one of our machines.

• Please gather your materials and tools before class starts. We would love to help you select materials for a project! Please come in a few days (or at the very least a few hours) before class begins: that way we can give you our full, undivided attention.

What you can expect from us:

• All students will receive the required attention and gain the skills necessary to complete their project. We promise that you will learn everything you need to know to have a successful class. We want you to feel encouraged, inspired and motivated and are very conscious of these qualities when selecting our projects and teachers. If you do not feel as though this expectation has been met, please bring it to our attention.

• Everyone will have fun. If your class at Alewives was not a good experience for any reason at all, please let us know how we can improve.

Refund Policy:

• If you find that you need to cancel out of a class, kindly give us as much notice as possible: that way, we can contact students on the waiting list and update our website with this information.

Refunds for "in-house" classes (classes taught by a staff member): At our discretion, we will issue a refund or a store credit.

For "guest workshops" (taught by a visiting teacher): Due to the nature of a guest workshop, we will only be able to refund your guest workshop fee if we are able to fill your spot from the waiting list. Please be aware of this fact when signing up for a guest workshop.

For inclement weather: If we are forced to cancel a class due to bad weather, we will offer a make-up class. In the event you are unable to attend the make-up class, you will be entitled to a full refund or store credit (your choice) of your class fee.

Thanks for making classes at Alewives so much fun! It is because of YOU and your fellow students that our programs have been so successful.

For any more questions, please e-mail us at alewives@alewivesfabrics.com or call us at 207 563 5002.