Winter Walk Duet Dot Bark

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44" wide, 100% cotton. From Denyse Schmidt: "I love the stark beauty of a walk through the woods after a good snowfall, and the attentive reflection it brings. There’s something about the hushed, cold stillness that throws the richly neutral palette of a New England winter into sharp relief. I find myself responding to the earthy hues: soft acorn brown, taupe, winter wheat, ashy grey, the brightest moss and the deepest forest green, all enveloped in snowy, soft white. Tiny details — the sudden flash of a cardinal’s bright red wing or a glimpse of blue sky through branches suddenly thrill. Winter Walk, my newest fabric collection, celebrates the beauty of nature in repose — winter, the cool, muted, sophisticated season – silently laying the groundwork for the imminent splashy showiness of spring. Though inspired by winter in New England, this classic and versatile palette is wonderfully appropriate at any time of the year."

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