The Tilda Club

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The Tilda Club was so popular that we decided to keep it going indefinitely! Get the latest Tilda fabrics each month!
Here's how it works: Each month, you will receive 10 fat quarters from one collection of Tilda fabrics for $44.95/month. As with all our clubs, you will also receive FREE shipping on all your purchases at Alewives Fabrics for the duration of your club membership. You will be charged for your first month right away, and your card kept on file and charged on or near the fourth Wednesday of the month for the rest of your membership. Your bundle will ship out on or near the fourth Wednesday of each month for the rest of your membership. You can drop out of the club at any time for any reason, just send us an email ( or call us (207-563-5002)!
Local Pickup option: If you are local and would like to participate in the Tilda Club, the cost per month is $44.95 (plus tax), and we will set your kit aside for you to pick up at your convenience anytime during our business hours. (Mon.-Fri. 10-5)
International shipping: Please contact us at with specific shipping information and we'll let you know what shipping cost is! We'll work together to come up with an efficient and economic shipping plan that works best for you!

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